About KARD Architects

KARD Architects is a brand based  in Thessaloniki, Greece,  with more than 20 years of architectural and planning experience in almost every sector of private and public development.

Our expertise pertains to every level of architectural design, from urban planning and environmental development projects to retail and branding, and even to furniture design.

The last 4 years we have made a substantial development in interior design with interior awards almost every year. The office achieved successful collaborations with several public authorities, municipalities, and prefectural authorities in large scale projects as well as small ones, master plans, urban design projects, and public spaces and regenerations. Our portfolio includes a variety of awarded private projects thanks to a successful design process and collaboration with private sector.

Design has no limit.


  • Urban Planning

  • Master planning

  • Spatial Planning

  • Architecture

  • Architectural design

  • Touristic Development

  • Private Villas-Maisons design

  • Housing complexes design

  • Interior Design

  • Retail design

  • BIM design

  • Enviromental outdoor/indoor simulations

  • Interior 3d , VR simulations


2021 Big See

Design of the new offices Alexander Innovation Zone Thessaloniki

2020 SIlver

Silver place at “culture” category for the design of the “Extension of the Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki”

2019 Bronze metal

Commercial INTERIOR AWARD 2019 for the interior design of the SEVEN SPOT LARISA

2017 Mention

Proposal of a new relegious space on Pulpit Rock , Norway

2013 Mention

Creation and transformation  of public spaces, into landmarks  in the Urban enviroment of Thessaloniki

2010 First prize

Regeneration study of the surrounding environment of the monumental complex of ’12 Apostoloi’, Thessaloniki.

2010 Secondary choice for Greece OECD

for the Organizer: OECD program of Green growth and Eco Innovation
Head architect

2008 1st Mention

Studies of Ideas of Green Roof design and Pilot applications
c Ministry of Environment Planning and Public Works
Head Architect

2004 4th Prize

“Construction of a Public’s Service Building and Room of Multiple Uses – Recreation of Open Spaces”
Organizer: Municipality of Kallamaria, Thessaloniki.
Associate: Architect Team

2000 Mention

“Recreation of Toumpa, THESSALONIKI”
Organizer: Organization of Planning and Environmental Protection of Thessaloniki (OR.TH.)
Head Architec