Technical Education Institute of Kalamaria

Area : 3500 m2

Location: Kalamaria, Thessaloniki Greece

Having earned the first place in the competition for the design and construction of TEE, a building serving many and various needs was constructed in a plot of 7,065m² in the continuation of Kalamaria. 

Since the features of the plot did not allow the creation of a large building, a construction in the shape of “Γ" gave the solution, with one wing hosting the lecture rooms, the offices of the administration of TEE and the main entrance, and the other wing hosting E/M and parking facilities. The specific shape also allowed the development of a rectangular yard for the 950 students.

The educational allotment was carefully developed one level lower than the yard and in connection with the greenhouse, forming at the same time a natural green area between the sports yard and the main yard. Special attention was paid to the layout of the large assembly hall, aiming at visually removing a large volume from the construction and letting the main buildings “breath”.

The school complex develops according to the inclination of the ground. It is accessible from both sides of the block and develops in five levels, creating volumes in several heights. This structure lets the sunlight pass through all the rooms, while at the same time adds a special aesthetic value and prevents the monotony and similarity that usually characterize school buildings. 

A system of ramps and level crossings allows access of disabled persons to all places of the building.