Museum House Kemal Ataturk

Area : 300 m2

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

The museum of Kemal Ataturk in Thessaloniki is a listed building on the Ap. Pavlos str. 75 and consists part of the urban building block that shelters the Turkish Consulate of Thessaloniki. This building was the birth place of Kemal Ataturk in 1881.

The project concerned with the holistic reconstruction and renovation of the existing museum and its surroundings.

The works that we execute referred to repair and maintenance of the existing facades, of the external and internal timber elements (doors, windows, frames and external elements), repair and replacement of wooden floors and ceilings, replacement and maintenance of roof thermal and water proof insulation and replacement of external water drainage.

In parallel there was the implementation of a complete new electromechanical study for the building, consisting of security system, a/c, data network, visual and sound systems and fire alarm system. Also we execute the redesign and supervision of all the surrounding environment of the museum, regarding the fence, garden area, covered visitors area, new W.C., security booth control and new entrance of the museum. All the above mentioned works, implemented with the highest standards in order to give a contemporary character to the museum, symbolizing its incorporation into the new museum concept and mentality.