The new Thessaloniki Innovation Zone’s Business pre-incubator spaces

Area : 380 m2

Location: Thessaloniki Centre

The creation of collaborative spaces of Thessaloniki Innovation Zone, is a project that aspires to receive a warm welcome from the entire community of young entrepreneurs and start-up companies in the city.

The project concerns the reconstruction of the interiors of a 4-level building on Tsimiski and Filikis Eterias Street in the center of Thessaloniki, which now houses Thessaloniki Innovation Zone. The aim was the immediate establishment of the central administration offices of the institution, along with the creation and operation of co-operative pre-incubator spaces for start-ups. The spaces were designed to provide a unique experience at the level of collaboration. Alternative ways of exploiting space were also sought in order to create a variety of micro work-environments, highlighting in an innovative way the importance of design in the way new start-up teams operate. All workspaces offer users maximum flexibility so that they can welcome visitors, talk to prospective clients or investors, while ensuring connectivity with remote companies.

Special emphasis was also given to the lighting study, the modification of which contributed decisively to shaping the experience of the spaces. In addition, the lighting was replaced with LEDs, drastically reducing the building's consumption by at least 80% in terms of electricity requirements. Exterior lighting elements have also been placed around the building to highlight its facades.

An important element of the design that was applied to all spaces, is the use of specially designed graphics on the surfaces of the walls,by the AR augmented reality technologies.

The ground floor was designed as multipurpose space, with completely renovated restroom spaces and accessibility for the Disability. The space was designed in such a way as to leave the greatest flexibility possible in the organization of a high quality event, while plants have been placed on the perimeter beams enhancing the presence of greenery.

The first floor is dedicated to the experience of cooperation. The predominant color shades are gray, blue and yellow, highlighting the corporate identity of the institution. The space is formed by different areas where the teams can work together either in a quieter environment (WAGON-working space) or in a lounge environment (HEXAGON working space), or at an individual level (working DESK), overlooking the white tower. Of particular interest is the Work Free stand, which introduces a new idea to the team collaboration. It is obvious that this space aims to highlight the various ways of cooperation through different microenvironments and is designed to meet the needs of at least nine small groups.

The second floor is organized in an environment with more living room constructions that favor the cooperation of more individuals or groups. Trying to create a comfortable and relaxed collaboration environment, a combination of intense and pastel colors was chosen, evident both in the fabric palette and in the masonry. Additionally, a large meeting room is designed with significant sound insulation, providing the possibility of teleconferencing with the participation of many people, while it can even host the meetings of the Board of Directors of the institution itself. Next to it there is a secretarial support office.

Design: Dimitris Raidis, Eirini Bableki, Chrisi Kostouda
Photogragphy: VDstudio