Kherson Airport

Area : m2


The existing building of the airport had structural problems and limitation of expansion due to site restrictions. Our proposal came to accommodate 400 passengers per hour, 4 boarding bridges, 4 luggage belts, 1 International terminal Building and 1 cargo Terminal Building.

With the demolition of the existing building opens a new plan for improving infrastructure (parking facilities, connection with public transport) and connectivity between International and Cargo terminal.

Our design approach aims for 50% increase of usable space, flexible open plan for increase of mobility and spatial arrangement, shed design for maximum span, sustainable design bringing in natural light while increasing vistas for the users, multi-functional roof system incorporating service facilities and Metal frame structure in order to increasing speed of construction developing time and cost benefits all  that in a centerpiece design approach to strengthen airport identity.


  • Old building with structural problems
  • Space limitation – no expansion capabilities
  • Constructional limitations due to concrete structure
  • Old building services
  • Cargo building location – no direct connection with the runway
  • Outdated building image


  • 400 passengers per hour
  • 4 boarding Bridges
  • 4 Luggage Belts
  • 1 International Airport Terminal Building
  • 1 Cargo Terminal Building


  • The existing terminal has neither the condition nor the characteristics to keep up with current standards and needs for the project.
  • Demolition of existing building - New Building Proposal
  • Design for the future - taking into account expanding possibilities.
  • Improving infrastructure - Parking facilities, connection with public transportation.
  • Improving connectivity - Relocation of the Cargo terminal Building


  • 50% increase of usable area in comparison with the existing building.
  • Flexible open plan in order to increase mobility and versatility
  • Shed design for maximum span
  • Sustainable design approach introducing natural light and cross ventilation into the building.
  • Transparent elevations increasing the means of light and vistas towards the surrounding landscape
  • Multi-functional roof system - incorporating service facilities and Sustainable design solutions
  • Centerpiece design approach - strengthening airport identity
  • Metal frame structure - increasing speed of construction developing time and cost benefits.