Extension of Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki

Area : 650 m2

Location: Thessaloniki

The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki on Agios Minas Street is housed in an old preserved commercial gallery belonging to the Israeli Community of Thessaloniki. The initiative of the project came from the President of the Israeli Community D. Saltiel and the Community Board. The new expansion of the museum, with the functional addition of a adjacent preserved building, now creates a complete museum structure, meeting the needs of security, large numbers of visitors, in addition to exhibition spaces, seminar and presentation spaces and exhibition-shop space.

The architectural design fully respected the historicity of the building by enhancing and highlighting its important historical elements. The design of modern elements highlights the modern experience of functionality and use of modern elements and equipment, without however obscuring the holistic style of the building and the existing museum space.

Architectural Team:KARD architects - Elias Messinas