“Macedonia The Great” Info point – stand

Area : 110 m2

Location: TIF Thessaloniki

In 2022  SEVE (Greek exporters association) presented at Tif Helexpo the new sign for the authentication of  the products of northern Greece "Macedonia the Great". The info stand was designed and constructed by KARD Architects.

The purpose was to create a space that would reflect all the principles and values ​​represented by the new brand, as well as the philosophy surrounding its design, contributing to the dissemination and information about this initiative worldwide. Choosing the most suitable design approach for the implementation of the branding identity, was quite a challenge, since this first info stand will be the prototype for the ones that will be constructed abroad, following the promotion of this initiative.  

Besides being a stand providing information the purpose was to create also an alternative experience of an exhibition space, being able to change and host presentations and/or small events. The layout was designed to enable B2b meetings in the operating hours, while at the same time the reception desk provides all the necessary information. Custom made benches in the center of the space, make it easy to transform it to a place suitable for small gatherings.

Highlighting the Greek characteristics was the main design approach. Some of the main features that contributed to the formation of the concept and are connected to the image of the country and Macedonia were: the blue color, the monolithic constructions of ancient times as well as the textures and patterns found in them combined with intense planting (typical aromatic plants, olives, etc.).

The aim was to apply all these elements through special constructions, custom made furniture and special techniques so that when visitors enter the space, they perceive a clear reminder of everything mentioned above through a modern design approach. Thus, the entire design process was based on choices that highlight the Greek elements, through the materials, forms and even aromas in the space.

Design: Dimitris Raidis , Erini Bableki , Georgia Chasopoulou

Graphic Design: Fotone

Photography: Stratos Tsachpinis