Office Building in Panorama

Area : 650 m2

Location: Panorama, Thessaloniki

 At a central area in Panorama, Thessaloniki, on a building plot of 645 m², we designed and supervised the construction of a small scale business building.

The idea was to develop a flexible but iconic building for that area. Panorama is a well known high profile suburb in the vicinity of Thessaloniki lacking buildings to incorporate mix use and small scale business.

In a plot of land with 15m width on the public road and 42m depth , an existing 2-storey building on our south boarder and a 50 year old 2 storey house on the north side raised  the need to bring something ‘fresh and a little provocative’ to our scheme. The game of volumes and the means of ‘stretching’ on the two floor levels became critical. The two clear volumes on each level with different geometry and material treatment creates the sense of ‘sliding’ with each other while their projections highlight the sense of cantilever.

The building consists of an underground level with supporting space for the ground floor uses. On the ground floor there is a central entrance that leads to two office levels. The store area on the ground floor has been designed in a way that it offers multiple possibilities for exploiting the space, thus covering many different uses.   The offices are constructed as "open spaces" with openings that create a flexible environment for the user. Their views have large openings and appropriate shadowing devices thus ensuring pleasant working and living conditions in the building.

The building structure constitutes a game of edges and forms, while the use of aesthetically cold materials (faced concrete) and warm materials (wooden louver partition) alternately creates a high contrasted result that reinforces the iconic look that we wanted to achieve. The surrounding space follows the same concept "playing" with different levels with small height differences and emphasis on the plantations around the building in order to enhance the micro-climate surrounding the building.