Olympia Electronics Headquarters

Area : 240 m2

Location: Olympia Electronis, Pieria, Greece

Olympia electronics is a constantly growing Greek innovative company with a large export activity. The aim of this project was the upgrade and implementation of the corporate identity at the company's central facilities. The purpose of this design project was to create a different experience of visiting and working in a technological products company, as well as organizing its’ spaces in such a way that will reflect all the principles and values ​​that govern its operation: innovation, corporate responsibility, and environmental sensitivity. The company's main common areas, reception and waiting areas, the main meeting room as well as the workspaces are redesigned following these principles.

Design concept in this case originates from the beginning of the company’s establishment when Olympia electronics specialized in the manufacture of game machines (video games). PIXEL was their dominant building block. As a result, square and cubic forms were chosen as the basic design approach. However, curved elements are being integrated into the design, strengthening the relationship with the company logo while at the same time referring to a number of characteristic products produced by the company. Another characteristic feature that needs to be highlighted is the white color, which is predominant in the reception areas as well as in the special design elements.

The main challenge that had to be considered was designing contemporary workspaces of advanced standards and quality, while at the same time highlighting and promoting the company’s logo and its award-winning historical course. Emphasis was also given to the integration of elements that will mark the new era that goes hand in hand with the company's environmental sensitivity.