The Thesserae project

  • December 2020

‘Thesserae’ Business Center is a design master plan proposal for a new central business district at the west end of Thessaloniki. The purpose of the proposal is the creation of a contemporary, smart and innovative combination of vibrant urban space and international business hub  in West Thessaloniki.   

This historic layering of the city inspired the project to consider the notion of mosaic as a permanent mark of city’s historical heritage. The mosaic technique, the creation of shapes and forms with the use of tesserae (mosaic) becomes a central inspiration.  

The proposal aims to a contemporary urban planning approach that goes beyond the traditional city blocks, suggesting a new concept of city development, challenging the explicit limits of public and private space. Urban green and public spaces become “smart” and expand in all levels. Open spaces are blended with semi-public spaces in a three-dimensional canvas. Workspaces, F&B, retail, sport and business activities are connected in a 3 level public spine, offering a new experience for the new business district. More specifically, the public space is lifted in a higher level, at 12 meters above the ground floor creating a “flyover urban space” in the middle of the open space between the office buildings volumes, in a valley-like architectural topography and viewing platform for the city…

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This design proposal is submitted in the Arxellence UIA competition by ALumil.

Design coordination/management:Alexandros Kouloukouris, Dimitris Raidis / Strategic design consultancy: UNstudio    Marianthi Tatari / Smart city expert: Marilina Toli

Design Team: Eirini Bableki, Stefanos Argyriou, Persefoni Terzi, Elias Vouras

Visuals: Christos Panagos , Eirini Bableki