The European program Eu-Innovate select KARD Architects

  • October 2015

KARD Architects and Kouloukouris & associates project of Environmental Primary School in the grounds of American Farm School is one of the choices for 2015 EuInnovate project.

EU-Innovate stands for ‘End User Integration, Innovation & Enterprenership’.It is an EU-funded research project that investigates the innovative and entrepreneurial roles of end users to shape a green EU-economy.

The Environmental Primary School in the grounds of American Farm School is on of the 18 projects this year ( 6 from South East Europe ) that chosen from a list of 129 projects all over Europe for their impact in terms of integration, innovation and entepreunership.

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The list of projects

Amongst an initial list of 129 companies from all over Europe, the following were selected:

* A2A – Smart Domo Grid Project (SE)

* Barilla – Homogenous Recyclable Packaging for Cookies (SE)

* BMW – User Integration in the Development of the BMW i3 (CE)

* ECO-VERITAS: Development of a Zero Organic Waste Food Product Line (Cuina Veritas)

* Discovering Smart Housing Solutions (SE)

* Fiskars KitchenGarden: Fresh Herbs from Your Indoor Garden (NE)

* FRoSTA: Conscious Consumption of Frozen Seafoods (EE)

* HSL & Kutsuplus – Demand-Responsive Transport Service from Helsinki (NE)

* IKEA – Home Waste Management (CE)

* KARD Architects – A Sustainable School Building to Enhance Sustainable Lifestyles in Greece (SE)

* LOODUSVÄGI – The Nordic Superfood Series (NE)

* Mazovian Energy Agency: Citizen Actions for Sustainable Energy (EE)

* Mehr Als Wohnen: A Cooperative Fostering the Transition towards a 2000- Watt-Society (CE)

* ROCKWOOL Shelters: Alternative Housing Solution for Refugee Camps (NE)

* SKANSKA BoKlok – Affordable Housing for Ordinary People (NE)

* Unilever’s “Frigo y Tú” – Inclusive Business Model to Fight High Youth Unemployment in Southern Europe (SE)

* Vélib’/JCDecaux France – Cycle Share Revolution in Paris (SE)

* Verbund – Setting Up a Nation-Wide Charging Network for E-Mobility (CE)

SE- Southern Europe. NE- Northern Europe. CE- Central Europe .EA- Eastern Europe