Costantinidis Estate

Area : 20000 m2

Location: Hanioti, Halkidiki

The ‘Costantinidis Estate’ is a model housing project comprising country residences in Hanioti, Chalkidiki and occupies an area of 180 stremmas in total. 150 residences have been designed based on a 4-stremma buildable area. Typology was the basis for constructing four types of residences, two of which cover 100 square meters in a ‘L’ shape and have a square plan, another one that covers 140 square meters and has a ‘L’ shape and the last one that occupies 200 square meters in a ‘L’ shape as well.

Each house has been positioned to have an adequate orientation and view as well as increased privacy which ensure the smooth operation of all residences throughout the year.

The buildings’ form borrows certain features from the traditional architecture of Chalkidiki such as four pitched roofs, architectural bays, sheltered balconies and stonework from local material, which all blend in with modern trends in shape and form, and with the contemporary way of life.

Planting and landscaping is the sole responsibility of the construction company, mainly focused on indigenous plants and trees.

Infrastructure works (water supply, drainage) have been completed. Furthermore, the pedestrian walkways and overpass network is finished, ensuring smooth and safe access to the beach.

‘Costantinidis estate’ is a model construction project in Chalkidiki and stands out due to features such as sparse building, quality in construction, respect to the environment and architectural tradition.