MASSACHUSETTS educational Building at AFS

  • March 2020

The American Farm School of Thessaloniki, launched a competition to expand the Massachusetts school (1966) under the philosophy of modernizing building units at  the campus. Basic design principles of the architectural proposal are primarily concerned with the natural environment, enhancing the seamless connection with existing educational building and ensuring the quality of educational spaces and experience.

In this context, KARD architects proposed to demolish a high consumption energy building, with aged structural framework and to construct a new one instead. This new educational building  of approximately 800sqm, is designed as a two storey building that would  accommodate  classrooms, staff rooms, auxiliary spaces as well as free plan spaces  for students, ensuring the high quality of a unique educational experience.

The new building through its simple geometry, aesthetic approach and the interesting solution of shading at the entrance façade, achieve a special harmonization with the surroundings, enhancing a substantial dialogue between the near  zero energy educational building and the intimate elements of the surround  natural environment.