KARD architects design the Baba AU Rum cocktail event in Thessaloniki

  • April 2016

KARD Architects designed and contributed to event of the Athenian cocktail bar Baba Au Rum held in Thessaloniki from 5-9 April 2016.


The event was set in the first floor of a listed Building in the centre of the City. The task was hard: A full functional bar space needed to be fully operational for 5 days. In order the decrease budget, due to the ephemerality of the event (only 5 days), the team tried to use existing old furniture in combination with dense plantation to archive the atmosphere of a unique cocktail environment just like at the initiate bar in Athens. At great importance was the lighting design which with the help and the sponsorship of Lightness company, we succeed in refining some great lighting moments during the night.