General Master Plan of M.Thessaloniki. Approved!

  • May 2019

We are very pleased to announce that Thessaloniki’s City Council approved the final stage of the Urban Μaster Plan of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. KARD architects and Dimitris Raidis have been involved in the process since the begging of the project in 2013, and have participated in all important discussions and decisions that resulted in the final Urban Strategic and Spatial Plan for Thessaloniki.

The new General Urban Plan coincides with the coincidence of the parallel development of urban plans (spatial planning, regional frameworks, institutional framework for land use and urban planning, rail infrastructure, privatization of the port of Thessaloniki) and were used to conduct a complete planning proposal for the city’s sustainable development. The  goal was  to make the Master Plan an unified planning framework which would serve as a contemporary tool for the city that expose benefits of its position and its competitive advantages by allowing investment projects to be implemented within a framework of conditions that ensure public benefit. Innovative development tools were  also proposed in order to place the city among the most resilient and touristic destinations worldwide.

We would like to thank the team, the people from the city’s planning department, the associates and external collaborators for the persistent, professional and wonderful collaboration we had all those years!