Fresh design for Seven SPOT video stores

  • November 2013

The Project was mainly focused on upgrading the 5 year old corporate identity store Seven Spot video stores. More specifically, the proposal designed a new approach towards customer service, by adding new technologies and upgrading the video gaming entertainment. By adopting a new philosophy that is focused on the needs of the modern consumer, the fresh corporate identity is present as a synonymous with the development of new technologies in retail. Around 35 shops with modern aesthetics and spaces re planned to be renovated for the 2013,in order to service demanded customers with new technology products. “The aim was to create an intimate environment in which the consumers spend more and more time every day. The overall objective is to create, an innovative store that aims at multi-tasking entertainment, with a wide range of competitive products, in a combination with high quality retail and rental services.  The new local store becomes a daily attraction, where the customer feels comfortable in an intimate environment, while one can experiment, play, buy, rent while getting information about entertainment, technology. Renting movies becomes a new interactive process through tablets in a new living room area within a shop. The “fresh design used and “recycled” furnitures already in the store. This idea successfully created new design at very low cost. In the new concept wooden surfaces are proposed to break the ice white into more cozy and home ideal shopping interior.