• November 2019

The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki on Agios Minas Str is operating in an old preserved commercial (stoa) portico which belongs to the Israeli Community of Thessaloniki. The initiative of the project came from the President of the Israeli Community. The new extension of the museum, designed by KARD architects and Elias Messinas, fully respected the existing style and recreate a new atmospheric design through furniture lighting, modern patterns and the gentle blending of modern and old era. The new museum extension successfully reorganized the operation of the museum with the new museum threshold, new ephemeral exhibition spaces, seminar spaces and vertical connection to the spaces. A new combined used ground floor space with a reception and a museum shop space successfully reorganize holistic layout of the museum. The dominant element of the metallic staircase connects the three floors in a unique experience between enclosure exposure while shifting from one floor to another. More information on project will be published soon!

Architectural team: KARD Architects-Dr Elias Messinas

Photographer: Nikos Vavdinoudis