ABBA CONCEPT STORE in Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort

  • July 2017

Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort recently introduced ABBA CONCEPT STORE.
The collaboration with architect Dimitris Tsitsos and her owner has led to this unique women’s apparel and footwear store.

In a space of 40 square meters with a special geometry we fully constructed the architect and owner’s conception in every detail.

The space characterized by solid wood chestnuts in natural form, aging metal structures for the equipment of the store, special paint techniques on floors and walls, the coatings of techno-granite and the special lighting that highlights the whole of the result.
KARDs have been responsible for the supervision and construction of the project in cooperation with all parties.


Architect: Dimitris Tsitsos
Supervision and Construction: Alexandros Kouloukouris
Metal Constructions:
Wood Constructions: Careso – N.Georgiadis
Cladding: Lazaridis ceramics
Lighting: Reflect lights
Electrical Installation: Em. Karagiannis
Gypsum Construction: Salcol Hellas
Painting Techniques: Ta Tzelepakia