A new concept for SEVEN SPOT stores

  • December 2018

KARD architects envision the desire of generation Z and millennials to create a hub of digital entertainment, fun and gaming. We have recently completed the work we have started with SEVEN Spot, to develop the new corporate identity for the Seven Spot for the digital entertainment. The idea came from the observation that modern society and especially the new generation (generation Z) has developed a special relationship with technology – it forms the base of entertainment, of their communication code and social interaction. The design challenge was to offer a space of socialization for the new generation, where the physical would blend with the digital, which will also serve a wide age range. We have worked with Beetroot Design group, responsible for the Branding, to develop new 3-strorey building into a digital entertainment temple for people of every age.


Technology was a basic element of the proposal’s aesthetic. We turn to the 1980s for inspiration, when the big change in the field of entertainment and digital gaming took place – the era of excess, impression and the unexpected. The 80’s vibe is evident from the first visual contact with the building, in the alternating, colourful, linear lighting elements of the façade. The interior, just like a dystopian, digital environment found in games, is an industrial space with all the infrastructure apparent. The visitor constantly discovers elements from the 80’s throughout the building, from the 80’s color palette to the neon lighting.




The building is divided into 5 zones – the Retail and Rental area, the Snack Bar, the Kids Gaming Area, the Screen Room Zone, and the Hangout Zone. The initial objective was to design functional spaces for suitable of socializing and entertainment according to the ages need (different space for your younger people from teenagers). The stairwell serves as a connection between the different functions of the building, while it stands out as a graphic installation, with its street art aesthetic and atmospheric lighting.


Particular attention was given to the furniture design. All the furniture were especially designed for each specific use and user, while special lighting scenarios alter the perception of the space. With attention to detail, the original concept was transformed into a space that celebrates digital gaming, entertainment and socialization.