About KARD Architects

KARD architects is a fresh brand created by a dominated process of two practices in Thessaloniki, Greece, Kouloukouris & associates and Sempsis+Raidis architects.

Both offices have more than 35 years of architectural and planning experience in almost every sector of private and public development. Our goal is to expand architecture and design in a comprehensive and sustainable approach. We focus in detail, the persistent articulation of design ideas, uniqueness and quality. For us, design is not only about aesthetic, but a process that formulate habitat values, society needs, exploring new living qualities, and promote sustainable development. Our field of expertise pertains to every level of architectural design, from urban planning, environmental development projects, touristic projects to retail and branding, and even to furniture design. We have achieved successful collaborations with several public authorities, municipalities, and prefectural authorities, and a succession of private clients from Greece and abroad.

Our goal is to expand architecture and design with a more comprehensive sustainable approach. We believe in detail, as an expression of hard work and articulation of design ideas, uniqness and quality. For us design is more than aesthetics, it is a process that can add value in building forms and society, explore living potentials, promote technical quality. We start from scratch. Sometimes process require long hours that we run with the client in order to form solutions that they fit to clients need. This is why each client has special meaning for us.

We can make our expertise available to every level of resident, housing or hotel development, retail and branding, or environmental development. Design has no limit or scale. Our success is based on the talent, expertise and experience of our staff in fields of architectural design, planning and construction.

Dimitris Raidis

Architect - Urban Planner

Dimitris Raidis studied architecture at Kingston University where he got his degree with distinction.He continued his postgraduate architectural studies at Bartlett school UCL, with specialty on sustainable architecture and urban design. He also graduated of the postgraduate studies in “Development and planning” at UCL.
He participates in a number of design projects of small and large building urban design projects in association with Sempsi Office , Greece.
From 2003 he works as a director at Sempsi Office in Thessaloniki Greece, completing a number of architectural, urban design,and interior design projects.
On 2007 the office rebrands its name to Sempsi+Raidis architects and planners while he operates as a CEO. He completed a number of Maison design,
building design, awarded competitions, building constructions and planning projects in the Greek region and abroad. On 2015 he co- founded the KARD architects,
a fresh modern architectural office with many architectural award and awarded competition projects. On 2012 he was awarded of the OECD in
the “eco innovation and green growth” for his EMSK proposal which is the precursor of the sustaina project.
He is a member of the board of directors of the Greek international Business Association (SEVE), since 2010.

  • He is a member of the Permanent Committee of Planning Development and Growth for the Techinical Chamber of
    Greece in North Greece. 
  • He is a member of Think Tank SEVE since2016.
  • He is a member of the board of directors of Think Tank Paremvasi since 2018.

Alexandros Kouloukouris


Alexandros Kouloukouris was born in 1975 in Thessaloniki, Greece. He studied architecture at Westminster University where he got his BA(Hons) degree in 1997.
He worked for a year out,in BDGMcColl in Bristol and he continued his postgraduate studies in Oxford Brookes University till 2000.
During his postgraduate years he was finalist for the OTIS 2000 competition in Hong Kong, receiving a merrit award.
In 2001 he completed the MSc in Energy Efficient Architecture while working for Alldington Gregg and Collinge in Oxford.
From 2003 he operates as an associate and design director of Kouloukouris & associates in Thessaloniki Greece.
From 2004 he participates at the construction company that develops ‘ Constantinidis Estate’ in Hanioti, Halkidiki. The largest summer housing project of North Greece. While at the same time the office of Kouloukouris& associates
completes a number of private projects ( design and build) and taking place in numerous competitions and design projects
for private and public sector.

Design has no limit.


  • Urban Planning

  • Master planning

  • Spatial Planning

  • Architecture

  • Architectural design

  • Touristic Development

  • Private Villas-Maisons design

  • Housing complexes design

  • Interior Design

  • Retail design

  • BIM design

  • Enviromental outdoor/indoor simulations

  • Interior 3d , VR simulations


Silver place at “culture” category for the design of the “Extension of the Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki”

2019 Bronze metal

Commercial INTERIOR AWARD 2019 for the interior design of the SEVEN SPOT LARISA

2017 Mention

Proposal of a new relegious space on Pulpit Rock , Norway

2013 Mention

Creation and transformation  of public spaces, into landmarks  in the Urban enviroment of Thessaloniki

2010 First prize

Regeneration study of the surrounding environment of the monumental complex of ’12 Apostoloi’, Thessaloniki.

2010 Secondary choice for Greece OECD

for the Organizer: OECD program of Green growth and Eco Innovation
Head architect

2008 1st Mention

Studies of Ideas of Green Roof design and Pilot applications
c Ministry of Environment Planning and Public Works
Head Architect

2004 4th Prize

“Construction of a Public’s Service Building and Room of Multiple Uses – Recreation of Open Spaces”
Organizer: Municipality of Kallamaria, Thessaloniki.
Associate: Architect Team

2000 Mention

“Recreation of Toumpa, THESSALONIKI”
Organizer: Organization of Planning and Environmental Protection of Thessaloniki (OR.TH.)
Head Architec

List of Projects

Bioclimatic design development of the historic center of Epanomi Town
Villas with 8 acres gardens in Chalkidiki
Design -Construction of attic apartment in Thessaloniki
Conference center in Pilea Thessaloniki
Construction and architectural detailing in public spaces of “Mediterranean Cosmos” Thessaloniki.
Motorway traffic center of Egnatia Odos S.A
Maison House in Nikiti Chalkidiki
Fena Fresh Ilisia
1994/ 2003



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